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The team at VegasRevenue.com brings decades of experience to the table, offering the Best Affiliate Program for the Online Casino Industry.

As an Affiliate at Vegas Revenue you gain instant access to custom text tracking, banners, landing pages, and dashboard to promote: www.NewVegas.com

NewVegas.com is a state of the art online casino accepting players world-wide, with special attention on Customer Service, VIP Rewards, & Fast Payouts.

VegasRevenue.com was created by professionals who are passionate about the Casino Industry. We have worked with some of the largest brands in the industry since the late 90's. From Poker, Sports, Bingo, and Casino - we strongly believe the future is within the Digital Casino Industry. That is why VegasRevenue was launched to partner up our innovative marketing solutions and premium casino brand (NewVegas) with Affiliates to maximize earning potential.

Every Affiliate at Vegas Revenue is approved at 40% Rev Share, Commissions are paid Month-to-Month, with special consideration for Super Affiliates who may qualify for Bi-Monthly Payouts. Should your players require a specific bonus or promo code - we will customize. Newsletters and Video production are key with every marketing campaign. Any creatives, logo files, or specific images needed of our casino games, we will gladly provide to help improve conversions.

To begin select Join Now, and build up your revenue stream with VegasRevenue.com. Our Affiliate and Marketing Managers are ready to assist you with everything needed to make your marketing campaign a true success!


At Vegas Revenue, we offer every Affiliate an incredible opportunity to generate consistent revenue with our Casino Brand.
Once you join Vegas Revenue, you will gain instant access to our sophisticated platform where you can select from our existing marketing tools to promote: www.NewVegas.com

We offer standard banner sizes, text links, and reviews. You also have the option to custom assets which will be tailor made to meet your marketing needs.
Co-Branded landing pages, custom banners, special promotions and rewards, anything you need to make your marketing campaign a definite success.














FAQsAffiliates understand the value of real-time reporting.

The Vegas Revenue affiliate interface has been enhanced over the years to provide the most comprehensive player reports.

This includes a system which tracks your players navigation through NewVeags.com including Sign-Up / Conversion Rates, Deposits, Volume, Commissions and more.

Join Now and build your revenue stream with our sophisticated tracking software, advanced reporting system, and high conversion rates.


As an Affiliate you will earn 40% Commissions on the net losses of your referred players to NewVegas.com for Life.

Our marketing team will will provide you with a custom plan supported by a full range of promotional and reporting tools.

You will also receive professional support by our Affiliate Manager and CS Team, all questions and requests answered promptly.

Affiliates are paid once a month. Payments are processed by the 5th of every Calender Month (weekends not included).

Super Affiliates may qualify for Bi-Monthly Commission Payments upon review and approval from upper-management.


As an Affiliate at Vegas Revenue you will promote: www.NewVegas.com

New Vegas brings all the latest and cutting-edge casino games to your players fingertips for an incredible online gaming experience.

We have a massive number of online slots and games accessible, including some of the largest online jackpots, which have already paid out well over $1,300,000. With more than a whopping 1,200+ games available, including live dealer roulette and blackjack, your players won’t know which game to try first.

All payments are managed by an in-house team of financial experts providing a wide-range of banking options. With the management team behind New Vegas you can rest assured that each of your players will enjoy red carpet treatment.

New Vegas maintains some of the highest conversion and retention rates in the industry.

Join the Vegas Revenue Affiliate Program today and build your Revenue Stream!


FAQs Q. What is a Casino Affiliate Program?
A. An Affiliate Program is a partnership with a Casino Operator who pays you a percentage of the revenues generated by players you refer. An Affiliate Program is an easy way to generate extra income from your Web traffic, Social Media Pages, Network of Contacts, and Marketing Capabilities. It is best recommended you should have a Website, Blog or Social Media Page to get started, or you can also market by Email and Chat.

Q. Does it cost anything to join Vegas Revenue?
A. It is absolutely free to join our program. You can promote our Casino Brand (NewVegas.com) as long as you wish. The more you promote the more you earn, lifetime commissions are earned on the players you refer to our Casino. Everyone is welcome to join VegasRevenue.

Q. How do I receive my Commissions?
A. To receive your Commissions, send us an email after the first of every Calender month - request a payout via Bitcoin transfer. Other withdrawal options are available upon request and based on availability.

Q. When are Commissions Paid?
A. We calculate Affilaite Commissions at the end of every month, generally payments are sent to Affiliates by the 5th of every calender month.

Q. Do I have to earn a certain amount for Vegas Revenue can process my commission payment?
A. You must earn a minimum of $100 in Commissions for the month to qualify for a payout.

Q. For how long will I be paid for a referred player?
A. We pay commissions for lifetime income, meaning that once you have referred a player to us we will pay a percentage of his / her losses for life. Our goal is to keep your players entertained and loyal. We invest considerable time and resources into entertaining players so that we can provide you with a stable, and continually growing revenue stream. We do ask that you continue promoting NewVegas.com for the long-term in order to grow your player base and build your commissions, this keeps your affiliate account in good standing.

Q. Do you accept players from USA?
A. We proudly accept players worldwide including the US.

Q. How much can I earn with Vegas Revenue?
A. You can earn an unlimited amount of commissions with Vegas Revenue, The more you promote NewVegas.com the more you earn with no maximum cap on what your allowed to receive in commissions.

Q. How do I qualify for Bi-Monthly Commission Payments?
A. For Super Affiliates, our Marketing Directors review your site(s) and request a phone call or Wickr chat to qualify your acount for bi-monthly commission payments. Payments are sent at the beginning of the month and mid-month via Bitcoin.

Q. How can I check my Earnings?
A. You can log in to your account at VegasRevenue.com and check your stats 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Simply log in to your affiliate account and generate a commission report for the specific period you wish to review.

Q. How do I get my Banners, Text Links, and Casino Content?
A. To access marketing banners, text links and more, simply log in to our affiliate website and click on the 'Manage Campaigns' section. On this page you can create new campaigns and attach banners to those campaigns or add banners to existing campaigns. If you would like custom banners or landing pages for your website, please contact: affiliates@vegasrevenue.com

Q. Do you carry a red figure month to month?
A. Vegas Revenue does carry negative earnings month-to-month, we pay Commissions on Net Gaming Revenue.

Q. Where can I see my Affiliate Stats?
A. Once you have registerd for an Affiliate Acct, you can log-in and will find your stats, banners, text tracking links and more.

Q. I have set up my Affiliate Acct, how do I get Started?
A. Login to you account and select your banners and or text links. Add them to your Website(s), Social Media / Blog Pages, or send direct sign-up links to your network.

Q. I misplaced my password, how may I recover it?
A. You can use our "Lost Password" feature anytime, it is found on the Log-In Page.

Q. Ive misplaced my username, how can I recover it?
A. You can email us affiliates@vegasrevenue.com and we will assist.

Q. Who should I contact for Affiliate and Customer Support?
A. You can contact us anytime, we are always happy to assist. Select Contact from our Menu or email us at: affiliates@vegsasrevenue.com


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